Anti-Microbial &Hygienic Super Soft & Luxurious More Absorbent & Quick Dry


We use towels from the day we are born yet we barely care much before buying them. Towels are meant to wipe away the water from our body but in the process towels also effect the part of skin that is in contact. There are more aspects attached to how and why we should look for innovation in towels.

Using a towel brings us in contact with:

  • >> The chemicals used in dyeing that towel.
  • >> Fibers used in making that towel.
  • >> Microbes which stay in towels if left for some time.

'I AM GREENY' towels have been developed and designed with a purpose to provide you more than just a fabric to wipe off water from your body.

As something directly in contact to our skins, towels need to be harmless to our skin. Towels are often used over and over again before being rewashed, so they have to be hygienic too. Towels form a part of our lifestyle, so we believe they should be luxurious in touch and feel even after prolonged use.

We are passionate to provide solutions to such daily concerns. We worked upon several compositions and combinations to come up with an answer and it is just as best a towel can get.

By blending Organic Cotton and Bamboo fibers in right proportion and style through an innovative pattern base and pile weaving, we have developed a revolutionary terry fabric that has superior characteristics than any other towels around. This innovation has brought unsurpassable qualities into 'I AM GREENY' towels.